Leila Mire

Performer, Choreographer, Educator, Writer



Leila Mire is a NY-based performer, choreographer, educator, and writer. She has performed nationally and internationally with companies like the Tennessee Children’s Dance Ensemble, ICONS, ChoreoNova, Silk Road Dance Company, NY Light, and ClancyWorks Dance Company. She has also performed diverse works by artists such as Stacey Tookey, Laura Glenn, David Dorfman, Christopher d’Amboise, Ernesto Corvino, Michael Mao, Claire Bataille, Randy Duncan, and Christopher K. Morgan. 


In all realms of work, she focuses on movement as a cultural form of communication. She has presented at venues and festivals including the the National Cathedral for the 1Journey Festival (DC), Fertile Ground (NY), ASTEP (NY), Bauman Theatre (NY), YallaPunk (PA), Move to Change (NY), Harris Theatre (VA), and White Mountain Summer Dance Festival (NY). 


Her mission extends into writing and education. She has published work on “Orientalism and the Perpetuation of Racist Stereotypes in the Nutcracker” in addition to contributing to several publications. She teaches in diverse settings offering western, Middle Eastern dance, and other cultural styles. She has won several awards as an educator, academic, and performer. 


Currently, Mire splits her time between passions. She is currently teaching master classes and working as a dance educator with ASTEP Onstage, OnPoint, Star2B, APEX for Youth, Notes in Motion, Kindergym, Lola Louis Performing Arts, Oriental Dance Inheritance Studio, and DanceWave. She is also performing in several NYC-based companies, producing work of her own, and writing for ThinkingDance. Most recently, she has begun her first evening length work through George Mason University's Young Alumni Commissioning Project and the GMU Digital Platform Covid Fund and is an Aseemkala Fellow. 


To read more in-depth about her experience, feel free to check out her CV. You can also reach her via email at leila.e.mire@gmail.com.

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