Leila Mire specializes in dance writing with an interest in the intersection of dance with gender and race. She has been published for her research on “Orientalism and the Perpetuation of Racist Stereotypes in the Nutcracker” and maintains several of the most read articles during her time with HerCampus George Mason. She has also written for Maryland Theatre Guide, Writer’s Department, portdeblog, Arlington Magazine, and Sequoyah Hills Magazine. 


Her interest in expanding the reach of dance writing has led her to speak at George Mason University and represent the Fairfax Arts Council in advocacy efforts. In 2018 she was awarded the “Excellence in Dance Writing Award” from George Mason University. She currently writes as a blogger and is staffed by ThinkingDance.com

Link to Formal Publications:

For access to my undergraduate research journal entitled, "Orientalism and the Perpetuation of Stereotypes in the Nutcracker" please refer to the link below and turn to page 72. 


Links to Informal Publications: