Leila Mire is as an independent dance contractor for New York schools through DanceWave, Notes in Motion, APEX for Youth, and Kinderdance. She also teaches with Artists Striving to End Poverty, Star2B, Oriental Dance Inheritance Studio, and Lola Louis Performing Arts. Mire has previously worked in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland school systems. She has taught and choreographed in dementia centers, Montessori Schools, nursing homes, fitness centers, daycares, studios, special needs programs, young creative movement centers, and in master class and one-on-one private sessions. Her classes have ranged from Western dance styles to improvisation and Middle Eastern dance. She has also taught in Jordan and created a dance program in Boucan Carre, Haiti. 


Her work as an educator was offered the NYC Mayoral Service Reconition in addition to a full scholarship to the Dance Educators Training Institute. She also writes and sells lesson plans on TeachersPayTeachers under theDancingYogi. In her free time, she adjudicates for On Point Dance Competition. 


Mire is also trained in Motivation Interviewing, Restorative Practices, Advancing Youth Development, Safe Space, Project-Based Learning, Steam, CPR, and Zumba. 

As a dance educator, choreographer, and artist I aim to impassion students to lead a life filled with learning, curiosity, and discovery. Whether the student is an accomplished performer or new to the craft, I urge dancers to become world citizens committed to improving themselves and the world around them. I focus on offering the students meaningful experiences they can carry with them no matter what their future profession might look like.


I ask my students to employ creativity and critical-thinking in each class. I foster an inclusive, welcoming environment so that students can invest in abstract-thought without fear of failure. I commend students for exploring their voices while educating them on the rich, socially-informed lineage of dance that has preceded them.


My approach to student assessments is multifaceted. The first goal is to promote creativity and artistry in a safe, communal environment. My socially-engaged, energetic, and multicultural method celebrates diversity and individuality. I foster a sense of community with an emphasis on collaboration. Therefore, students are in-part assessed by their commitment to discovering their own voice while supporting their fellow classmates.


Second, the students are expected to gain a better understanding of the craft that involves a diverse perspective on the evolution, history, and significance of dance. Student examinations consider movement, written, and discussion-based assessments. This critical-thinking element allows me to nurture different learning styles and meet the students where they are; rather than where they are expected to be.


This student-centered, process-driven approach strives to spark discovery, curiosity, and socially conscious engagement in the students. My practice is intended to encourage exploration and constant learning so that students are bettered in the varied professions and lives that lie ahead for them.

For access to lesson plan ideas, feel free to visit https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/The-Dancing-Yogi

You can also book private lessons through my profile at https://www.thumbtack.com/-Arlington-VA/service/3980485

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