To create dance is to construct living, breathing ideas. I believe the greatest art lives just above the heartbeat. It forces the audience to feel, to hear, and to think. It’s these fleeting, abstract expressions that are so impressionable on my work. 


My multicultural upbringing and experiences as a woman shape my choreography. My theoretical, symbolic, and architectural movement abstracts the body to give life to ideas around us. I tend to be process-driven with an emphasis on imaginative, highly visual, architectural images. 


As a creator I am often inspired by politics, philosophy, and psychological practices that are stirred and moved by the complex ideas and intricacies found within the human spirit. I frequently consider collectivity versus individualism by abstracting the human form. I welcome new mediums and am driven by collaboration and the use of unconventional spaces. 


As an artist I try to entertain the uncomfortable and live in a state of uncertainty. I work to transport audiences and make visible the abstract ideas we cannot see along with the feelings and words we cannot express.

Check out my youtube for work samples. 


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